What would you do for a piece of really good cheesecake?

Like honestly.

Really think about it.

If we could offer you a delicious slice of cheesecake.

Like one of the best tasting pieces of cake that you will ever have.

What would you do for it?

Would you do nothing?

Because maybe you don’t like cheesecake that much?


Would you walk across the Brooklyn Bridge in the dead of winter?

Well you would be surprised to know, that people have actually done the latter.

Meaning there are people who have walked across the Brooklyn Bridge just to get a slice of cheesecake!

We are serious.

It was on a national TV show if you do not believe us.

There’s this really popular cheesecake store over in Brooklyn called Junior’s.

And their cheesecakes in our opinion are okay.

If you are ever in the area take the subway to Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn.

Go to Junior’s and try some of their cheesecake.

Again in our opinion their cheesecake are like a 6.5983 out of 10.

But so many people line up at that store on the weekends you should give it try.

And people even walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to get it.

But here is option 2, if you do not want to venture into the subway.

Option 2 is to pick up our Easy Cheesecake Cookbook, and read my New York Style Cheesecake recipe.

We think you will like it.


Cheesecake recipes that are amazingly delicious await:




♫♫Walk hard♫♫,
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