There’s a running joke throughout the world that Americans compare the taste of every meat to chicken.

It’s funny but true.

For example, if you asked us to describe the taste of lamb.

We could only compare it to chicken.

To us, Lamb tastes like a meatier more naturally spicy chicken, a more dense chicken.

Do you disagree?

Can you describe the taste of lamb or veal without instantly comparing it to chicken?

If you can, send us your description because we would love to read it.

But maybe you have not had lamb.

Or maybe you need to taste it more before describing it.

If you enjoy gyros or Mediterranean food then lamb is the meat you need to read up on.

Lamb is the de-facto standard in Greek Cooking, Moroccan Cooking, and other Mediterranean cuisines.

Our favorite lamb dish is a Greek one called Souvlaki.

It’s hard to describe Souvlaki to someone who has never had it.

But basically, it is a wine braised lamb panini on pita bread with cucumbers, onions, and a mint yogurt sauce.


Check out our Greek Chicken Souvlaki recipe and 49 other Mediterranean recipes in our Easy Lamb Cookbook:


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