You know who Martha Stewart is right?

She is a renaissance lady of sorts.

Very successful in a bunch of things.

Like homemaking, cooking, and publishing.

But we are sure you knew all of this.

And we are also sure that you knew she was sentenced to 5 five months in prison for stuff dealing with stocks.

But we have a story that you don’t know.

A very interesting story about Martha that involves Rachael Ray.

Do you want to hear the story?


OK, great.

The story goes like this:

Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray were in a public dispute of sorts.

Its all over now, and everyone is “friends”.

But back a few years ago Martha Stewart publicly dismissed Rachael’s Cooking as “mediocre” because it is so easy.

(We are paraphrasing here. These were not Martha’s EXACT words. But this was the point).

Rachael was very nice and did not respond with any insults and actually praised Martha.

You may remember this event, but maybe not.

Look it up if you do not believe us.

When we learned how Rachael responded.

We were very impressed by how much of good person she was.

She choose to spread positivity instead of negativity.

And we appreciate people who do that over here at BookSumo.

This brings us to our second point.

Fast and easy cooking, the style that Rachael Ray has made popular, is controversial.

But we think a lot of good things are controversial.

And we think you should continue to cook controversially, by focusing on easy but delicious recipes.

We recommend trying your hand at some easy quiches.

Eggs and milk is all you need for a delicious lunch or dinner.


Discover 50 quick, delicious, and easy quiche recipes in the Easy Quiche Cookbook:


Cooking Controversially,
BookSumo Press

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