There’s this movie by John Favreau called Chef.

If you have never seen it.

Go and watch it.

Watch it tonight.

It’s really worth it.

We are not sure if it’s on Netflix and if it isn’t we would not be surprised.

Because, in our experience, Netflix never has the movies we want to watch.

Like for example, Anchorman, or Wall-E.

So we would not be surprised if they did not have this one.

But in any case, the way you watch this movie is not important.

What is important is that you watch it.

The movie is about a top chef in California.

John Favreau plays the main character and the point is he basically loses everything in his career because of a food critic and social media.

Favreau’s saving grace is an old dusty food truck that he buys and renovates with his best friend.

The food truck specializes in serving Cuban sandwiches and they travel all over the southern parts of the US documenting their journey on social media.

Honestly, our description of the movie does not do it justice.

Because we sound boring.

But the way the movie is shot and directed is amazing.

And we guarantee you will walk away from that movie feeling good and happy.

It is definitely one of our favorite movies about food.

The movie really exemplifies Latin culinary culture well and it takes place largely in Miami Florida.

Watch this movie.

It will show you what a Cuban sandwich is and how good they can be.

You will see a lot of cool Latin culture that you will enjoy as well.

And it might give you a good appreciation for Florida and it’s culinary contributions.

After you watch that movie you will want to try a Cuban sandwich.

And it will be a perfect time for you to read one our recipes for how to make one.

We are not going to say which cookbook it is in.


We will say that the cookbook matches the Cuban Latin theme of the movie.


Check out an easy Cuban sandwich recipe in one of our special cookbooks:


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