Correct us if we are wrong.

You buy bottles of salad dressing at the grocery store?

In fact, you may buy MULTIPLE bottles of dressing, at the same time?

Because, obviously, 1 bottle of dressing, doesn’t last too long.

And dressings go quickly when you feed multiple people, or eat a lot of salads.

And, of course, there are so many different types of dressings.

Why buy just 1?

But these are all the reasons, why you should NOT buy dressings.


These are all the reasons, why you should consider making your own.

Let’s imagine you eat a lot of salads or feed multiple people.

Rather than buying 2 bottles of vinaigrette, and having it last for 2 weeks.

Why not invest the same money into olive oil, sherry vinegar, and some fresh garlic?

Use 3 parts of oil, to 1 part of vinegar, combine in some minced garlic, shake everything together, and make your own vinaigrette.

This is the BookSumo universal vinaigrette recipe.

Follow this easy recipe and you can create a month’s worth of vinaigrette for the same cost as 3 bottles in the store, and avoid all the chemicals.

But let’s imagine the cost savings are not important to you.

Maybe, you prefer to buy dressings, because of the sheer number of choices you have at the grocery store.

If you really care about choice.

And you want the most options.

Then make your OWN!

The number of dressings in the store is only a sample of the tastes you can create at home.

To buy a blueberry vinaigrette, or a lemon honey Mediterranean dressing, or a savory Lebanese style dressing would be impossible or too expensive.

To make these tastes at home is so simple, you should try.

When you taste your creations, and share them too, it will be fun!

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