So what do you think about food from the Islands?

When we say “Islands” we are referring to places like Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad, and the Bahamas etc.

Well, if you have not had the experience of travelling to the Caribbean you may not have an answer.

But let us tell you.

Caribbean food is AMAZING and the first two characteristics that you should think of when talking about Caribbean food is Sweet and Spicy!

Caribbean food is amazingly similar to Asian / Indian food.

For example, countries like Trinidad and Guyana, have their own unique version of Asian style lo-mein. And authentic Jamaican cooking makes use of curry heavily.

But what we love most about the Caribbean and what we think you should love about Caribbean cuisines is the fact that even though these foods exhibit Asian and Indian characteristic Caribbean style cooking is still unique!

If you want an introduction to Caribbean food we recommend you try preparing two dishes:

  1. Jamaican Style Wings
  2. Jamaican Beef Patties

If you never had a beef patty it is basically an empanada of ground beef, deep fried, or baked, in fresh pastry.

The key to making a delicious Jamaican beef patty to season your ground beef with some curry powder (plus a few more simple spices) and simmer it in beef broth before forming patties with fresh pastry dough and baking it.

These patties have traveled the entire world because they taste so great.

Beef patties are one of the best ways to enjoy ground beef and are an easy dish to make for yourself.

But of course beef patties are only 1 reason to love Caribbean cooking.

The other is Authentic Jamaican Style Wings.

There are many versions of Jamaican wings so I won’t list them all here.

BUT have you ever thought of creating a puree of various spices and coating your wings with the puree before baking them in the oven?

Try creating a puree of ginger, green onions, garlic, jalapenos, and jerk seasoning.

Then coat your chicken wings with the puree and bake them in the oven.

This is a unique Caribbean style of cooking only done in Jamaica and the countries listed earlier.

So if you want to try these amazing recipes and cook these types of Caribbean meals.

We can help you.


Just read our Easy Jamaican Cookbook at the following link:


You will thank us later after you try some Jamaican Wings, Beef Patties, and West Indian Lo-Mein!

Also do not worry about not having any Jerk Seasoning.

We will show you how make your own.

And it will be better than anything you buy in the supermarket!

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