Anthony Bourdain is a chef and host of the show: “No Reservations”.

It’s a travel show where he eats food from different places.

Bourdain is also one of the top 10 chefs EVER in our opinion.

Do you want to know why, we love Bourdain so much?

The reason is:




He is so brutally honest.

That his opinion is funny.

For example, there is this episode of his show where he goes to Jamaica.

He goes out looking for some food and picks up a beef patty that was cooked on the street.

After eating the beef patty he gave it a good review.

And mentioned how it tasted better because it was cooked on the street, in a big metal barrel.

If you have ever been to a third world country you know what he is referring too.

We could not stop laughing at his statement, and we totally agree with him.

Street food is very good for weird un-explainable reasons.

We have 2 recipes for a similar type of beef patties that Bourdain loves.

Of course we will not be cooking them with a metal barrel on the street.

Instead we will use the oven for one recipe and the stovetop for another.


Flip through our Easy Jamaican Cookbook to read these beef patty recipes and taste authentic Jamaican Cuisine:


Inna di morrowz,
BookSumo Press



“Inna di morrowz” is a patois (Jamaican) saying for “see you tomorrow”.

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