Do you have a bread machine?

Do you want to know why having one is important?

First, if you do not have a bread machine.

Get one!

They aren’t too expensive.

You can find a cheap one on Amazon for less than 60.00.

But we recommend spending a bit more and grabbing one for around $120.00 to $150.00 dollars.

Now that may seem like a lot of money upfront.

But within 1 year that bread machine will pay for itself.

Trust us.

: )

But you have to follow our directions very specifically.

And stop buying bread.

Follow the logic here.

The most important ingredient in bread is flour.

And flour is cheap.

Locally, an 80 oz., normal bag of flour costs $1.99.

To make a loaf of bread you need 2-3 cups of flour, some water, a little bit of oil, and some random knickknacks for different flavors.

Remember, a loaf of bread only needs 2 cups of flour usually.

So a $1.99 bag of flour can potentially yield 40 loaves of bread!

Even if you can buy bread for $1.00 (which is not possible anymore, it will probably cost you at least $1.50).

Every bag of flour you use solely for cooking bread, saves you $40 in grocery spending.

Buy 2 or 3 bags of flour and use them throughout the seasons solely for cooking different types of delicious bread.

Make all your loaves with your bread machine and it will quickly pay for itself.

And each time you make a new loaf of bread you can cook a different tasting one.

Try cooking your bread instead of buying it.

The savings are impeccable!


For 50 Great Bread ideas, peruse our Easy Bread Cookbook:


Some of our favorite, easy, go-to bread recipes are: Honey Bread, Chives Bread, and Cinnamon Pumpkin Bread.

But of course, there are 47 other delicious recipes you will love and learn in the cookbook as well.

Enjoy Some Bread,
BookSumo Press

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