What can be better than butter?

Because if you think about it we use butter for so many things besides frying.

But arguably butter’s most useful purpose is as a spread for toast.

So what can be better than butter as a spread for toast in the mornings or as a snack?

Let us tell you.

It’s called pâté.

If you do not know, pâté is a rich and savory paste made from finely minced or mashed ingredients.

Most pâtés are made from minced meats, but there are 100s of options.

You may be able to guess that pâté is a French word.

And it is.

The origin is of the pâté goes back to ancient France.

Ancient France

Back in the day the old Frenchmen had a dish called “paste” which was basically a pie of seasoned meat.

As time progressed the word pâté was formed from the idea of the old French “paste”.

So why are we telling you about pâtés?

The first reason is:

We have come learn at BookSumo that many people have completely forgotten about pâtés.

And it’s important for us to remind you because, pâtés are honestly better than butter.

The shear number of pâtés you can make very simply with just a plain old food processor are almost infinite.

And with so many options for pâtés you can have a different tasting toasted bread each morning.

Some of our favorite pâtés are ones made from:

  • potatoes and celery
  • portobello mushrooms
  • basil and cucumber
  • mango
  • cream cheese and chives

Take some time to read these pâté recipes in our Easy Pâté Cookbook:




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