Are you interested in 5 simple ways to cook faster?

Remember these rules and shave 10 minutes from every recipe.

Ok. Let’s discuss.

First, understand that the smaller something is the faster it will cook.

So to prepare vegetables quickly.


Remember, chunks take 25 additional mins to soften.


Dice or puree your veggies and their cooking time will be greatly decreased.


When cooking meatballs most of your time will be spent rolling the meat into balls.

Do this faster by grabbing two spoons, and shaping the meat, using the spoons instead of your hands.

Hand rolled meatballs will be more circular.

But this way is faster.


Do not wait for the oven to preheat for most recipes, unless you are baking a cake or dealing with pastries.

When fast cooking is needed, set the oven to its proper temperature, and immediately plunge your food into it.

This is especially true when dealing with any type of vegetable or layered casserole.

By not waiting for the oven to preheat most recipes can be shortened by 5 to 10 mins.

When searching for a recipe, look at multiple versions of the same recipe.


Find a recipe that is 30 minutes or less.

Preferably, find a version, which is 20 minutes or less.


For a bunch of 20 minute, speedy, recipes, read these:


Speedy Salutations,
BookSumo Press

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