You know Emeril right?

Emeril Lagasse Smiling

He is a very successful Chef in the US.

His claim to fame was using the word: “BAM!” as he proceeded to add spices to his food.

It’s hard to catch his shows on TV, but if you can, you should watch him cook.

It is very entertaining.

But we want to ask you a serious question.

Does Emeril get bored of cooking?

He’s written over 17 cookbooks, had a successful show on TV, and owns multiple restaurants.

Now we are not saying you need to do any of these things.

But what we are saying is:

He probably never gets bored of cooking.

But here is our second question:

Do YOU ever get bored of cooking?

If the answer is yes.

Then you must learn why great cooks never get bored.

The reason is:

They are constantly learning.

This is the key to eternal cooking bliss:

Constant learning.

If you find yourself getting bored of something, try to think if you are learning new things.

You might find, that you’ve stopped learning.

So let’s learn something new right now.

And let’s use Emeril as an example.

Emeril is known best for Cajun and Creole Louisiana style cooking.

Cajun cuisine is a unique southern American style of cooking that we have been dealing with here at BookSumo.

Cajun makes heavy use of spice, and has staple dishes like: gumbo, jambalaya, and spicy seafood.

Read some Cajun recipes and see if anything piques your interest.

These recipes might inspire you to get in the kitchen and try something new.

And make the experience of getting in the kitchen fun again.

And you’ll have something to take pictures of, when you finish cooking

; )


For 50 delicious Cajun, Creole, Southern, Louisiana Recipes peruse our Easy Cajun Cookbook:


Welcome to Cajun Country,
BookSumo Press

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