Would you like to learn some of our findings on flavor?

We were reviewing this cookbook by America’s Test Kitchen.

The book is called: The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook.

It’s a great book and the introduction is very valuable.

The book talks about some essentials for vegetarian chefs.

Now, we know, you may not be vegetarian.

But maybe you are, and regardless, this information is great for cooking vegetables in general.

So here is what we found.

There are some very important ingredients that you should think about using when cooking veggies because the ingredients enhance flavors.

This is the list of delicious flavor enhancing ingredients for cooking vegetables:

1. Olive oil

The important thing to know about olive oil is its flavor diminishes as it gets hotter over time.

So it is best to use olive oil when you are going to quickly cook some veggies, or to just pour some over your finished dishes.

2. Vinegar

One of the best uses of vinegar is as an agent to brighten vegetables.

Adding a few splashes of vinegar to a salad will keep the leaves from wilting and keep the deep greens of the salad bright.

3. Cheese

Now, we are not big fans of eating diary here at BookSumo.

But of course we still do.

And cheese is one of the most powerful ways to enhance the flavor of vegetables.

Any type of steamed vegetable like, broccoli or asparagus can be enhanced with melted cheese quickly.

Our favorite type of cheese for topping veggies is Muenster and Pepper Jack (because we like spicy things).

4. Spice Blends

So we’ve saved the best for last.

Use spice blends to REALLY enhance your veggies.

In fact, with certain spice blends you can sometimes make roasted veggies remind you of meat when you eat them.

Our personal favorite is Cajun spice and tandoori spice blends.

But we like Jamaican curry spice too.

A lot of our favorites call for multiple ingredients.

But none the less, they are easy to make, but you are going to need one of these:

Classical Mortar and Pestle

A mortar and pestle.


If you have a mortar and pestle and you like the idea of spice mixes then read our Easy Spice Mixes Cookbook:




Make sure you read the Cajun spice mixes, the tandoori spice (Asian Indian spice), and the Jamaican curry spice.

These are the most versatile, and the good-est for roasted veggies and roasted meats too.

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We know we wrote good-est wrong.

The proper word should be best.

Just keeping your skills sharp.

; )

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