Want to know the top 10 cooking shows we never miss here at BookSumo?

Of course, the team here doesn’t watch too much TV but, if we can catch any of these shows we watch and love watching them.

Here they are.

The top 10 cooking shows you need to be watching right now.

  1. Good Eats with Alton Brown
  2. Lidia’s Italy
  3. Chopped (very entertaining)
  4. Cake Boss
  5. Barefoot Contessa
  6. Cutthroat Kitchen with Alton Brown
  7. Parts Unknown and No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain
  8. In Defense of Food with Michael Pollan (on PBS)
  9. Cake Wars
  10. Aarti Party

There it is.

In all it’s glory.

The amount of tips and entertainment you will get from this list is astonishing.

Did you notice anything interesting about the list?

There are two baking shows:

Cake Wars, and Cake Boss.

These two shows had to be mentioned because too many people avoid baking.

Maybe it’s because the thought of baking seems time consuming and preparation intensive.

And you know, sometimes baking is those things.

But we like to focus on baking easier desserts.

Things like cheese cakes and mug cakes.

These types of recipes only require that you dump of bunch of ingredients into a mug or pie dish and bake everything in the oven for a certain amount of time.

Discover our easiest dessert recipes by reading our Easy Cake Cookbook Box Set.


All types of easy and delicious sweet recipes for Mug Cakes, Cheesecakes, Cake Balls, and Cupcakes await:




Savor Some Sweets,
BookSumo Press



Did we forget any show?

What is your #1 must watch cooking show?

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