Why did the girl, ask the waiter, to add some hot sauce to her enchilada?

Because, she wanted to spice up her life!

Did you laugh at that joke?

To be honest, we have so many of these corny jokes that it is kinda sad.

But as corny as that joke is good because it illustrates the true value of a good hot sauce.

A good hot sauce should:

  1. Add a bit of heat to every bite.
  2. Add some spicy flavoring to your dish.

Here at BookSumo we have three favorite hot sauces:

  1. Louisiana Original Hot Sauce
  2. Cholula Hot Sauce
  3. Tabasco

Cholula is a little expensive.

But it’s imported straight from Mexico.

Cholula Hot Sauce Bottles

But even with three different types of hot sauces handy, we still need something else.

Because sometimes, hot sauce just doesn’t cut it.

Sometimes you need more.

Sometimes you need some heat, some spice, and also some sweetness in each bite.

Now we know what you may be thinking.

“It is not possibly to achieve three different tastes in every bite, with just one hot sauce”.

But let us tell you.

It is possible and actually quite easy too.

All you need is some Sriracha.

Sriracha Bottle Closeup

In our opinion, Sriracha, is the younger cousin of normal hot sauce.

It’s the younger cousin that wants to stand out and be different.

Sriracha wants to be its own person not defined by the standards set by the hot sauce industry.

This is why we always keep a bottle of Sriracha handy at all times for certain dishes.

Like eggs, baked chicken, burgers, chicken wings, and really anything.

Sriracha adds such an interesting and complex taste to food with almost no effort.


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