Would you be interested in learning some cooking mistakes that everyone makes?

We’ve been researching these for a while.

And we want to share some of them with you.

And if you learn them they will be very valuable to your cooking.

Ok are you ready for them?

Here they are:

1.  Not cleaning pots and pan as you cook.

This mistake requires that you spend a little more time cooking.

But in the end.

You save a ton of effort.

Because there is legitimately no clean up when your food is done.

2. Cooking meat as soon as it comes out of the fridge.

You should always let your meat sit for a few mins at room temperature before you cook it.

This will speed up the cooking time.

3. Eating meats as soon as they are finished cooking.

This mistake is a big one.

And we mean big.

Almost everyone does this.

Implement a cooking rule: Everyone must wait 10 mins from when a meal is finished to eat it.

When meat rests the flavors enhance.

Very hot food is still enjoyable but complex tastes will be masked by the heat.

We mentioned this last mistake because it is an important one, particularly when cooking steaks.

And we want you to read our Easy Steak Cookbook and enjoy this month with a medley of delicious tasting steak recipes.


All the steak possibilities await:




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