What can be better than French fries?

Or shall we say “Freedom Fries”.

Remember the “Freedom Fries” phase?

Of course no one understands the exact reason we were saying “Freedom Fries” all across America.

But now that the era of “Freedom Fries” is over.

It’s definitely something to be laughed at.

It was such a big deal back then, but a few years later, no one cares.

But what can be better than French fries?

What is something is easy to cook.

Has to be fried.

And makes a great side dish?

If you asked us.

We would say the answer is simple.

Our answer would be:






That’s right.

Delicious fritters.

A fritter is basically the same thing as a “Freedom Fry”.

Except you are not limited to potatoes.

You can make fritters from anything like, bananas, okra, zucchini, tomatoes, shrimp, corn, squash.

The list is endless.

Basically you are going to grab one of these ingredients.

Cut them into chunks.

Coat everything with a nice delicious batter and simply fry them up.

The resulting fritters will be a delicious complement to any dish.

And you can even eat them stand alone for lunch or dinner or as a quick snack while watching some Netflix.


Browse our 50 favorite Fritter recipes in the Easy Fritter Cookbook and make some fried goodness:




Fritters Over Fries,
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