How often do you eat rice?

If you are anything like us at BookSumo.

The answer is: quite often.

So often, in fact, that you may be tired of it.

Now we know what you think.

You’re thinking that we are going to recommend you read our Easy Rice Cookbook for more rice ideas.

Normally we would do that.

Because of course we do have a rice cookbook.

And by reading those rice recipes you will have enough ideas to cook a different type of delicious rice for at least a month.

But we’re not going to recommend you read our rice cookbook.

We’re going to recommend something better.

Because if you are tired of rice this is a great opportunity for you try something new.

You need to try some quinoa.

That’s right quinoa.

The classical upscale grain.

Our favorite way to enjoy quinoa is with a tangy vinaigrette.

There is something about the texture of quinoa that makes it great for a light coating of vinaigrette.

Now we could recommend a cookbook solely about quinoa, because it will surely get the job done, and introduce you to a completely different grain that can replace rice, and get you excited about cooking.

But we’re going to do something better.

And up the ante.

Since we have been talking about rice, and you probably cook rice all the time.


We want you to check out our new cookbook: Cooking with Rice and Grains. It teaches an innovative style of cooking rice, quinoa, and lentils.


Read these recipes and learn the innovative cooking methods we’re referring to:


Re-Imagine Everything,
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