So there is this movie called Sleepless in Seattle.

Have you heard of it?

It is a romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks.

There are three reasons, we think you should watch this movie.

If you have not already.

1. It stars Tom Hanks.

Can you think of a movie starring Tom Hanks that is not amazing?

We do not think so.

Our favorite Tom Hanks movie here at BookSumo is: The Terminal.

Tom Hanks is just a great feel-good actor.

2. The movie was made in the 90s.

Correct us, if we are wrong

But weren’t the 90s a great decade?

Like, think about it.

The music was so happy and upbeat.

The movies were cute and funny (like this one).

And overall it was just a great period to be alive.

3. The movie takes place in Seattle.

Watching Sleepless in Seattle, will give you some good ole 90s nostalgia, and you will get a feel for life over in Washington State.

You won’t learn anything about cooking but let us tell you.

Seattle is the originator of Artisan food.

If you don’t know; Artisan means: handmade, and non-mechanized.

We have friends who moved from the East Coast to Seattle and when asked about food over in Washington.

They rave about Seattle’s artisan style.

This type of artisan cooking is very enjoyable, because you work with your hands, a bit more than normal, but the results, are worth it.

Try reading some authentic Seattle recipes in one of our newer cookbooks: Artisanal Seattle.


Discover 50 Non-Mechanized, Handmade, Artisan, Recipes from Seattle:


Remember the 90s,
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