Do you like nature?

Have you ever driven or walked along some backroads?

Here at BookSumo we are always shocked by the number of people who’ve never taken a hike.

Please stay with us here.

There is a point to this.

And the point relates to good cooking.

Specifically rustic cooking.

Rustic cooking is country cooking, if you did not know.

Countryside Backroad 2

And rustic food is the type of food you’d find if you keep walking along that road until you found a small house with a family living in it.

Whatever that family was eating for dinner.

Is rustic.

We love rustic cooking.

And in the beginning of this message we asked if you ever been on a backroad.

We asked because if if you ever walked along these roads and really thought about food.

You would think of natural foods.

Things that are not processed.

Casseroles, pies sitting on window sills, honey, and roasted chicken.

In any case, no matter which state you are in, there are backroads to travel.

And when you travel these roads you will be inspired with ideas of meals that have a real country feel.


If you are interested in backroad country style cooking check out our cookbook: Real Rustic Cooking, Authentic Recipes from the Backroads:


This cookbook is over 200 pages of real country style recipes that you will definitely enjoy.

Our favorite is apple crisp.

BookSumo Press


If you live in the country please send us an email and tell us some of the top recipes cooked in your home.

We need more ideas for the 2nd Edition, which of you will get for free if you buy the first one.

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