What is your favorite type of Asian food?

The choices are: Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Korean?

We’re pretty sure you have tried Chinese, but we are not so sure about the others.

If you have not tried the others we recommend you try them in the following order:

First try Korean.

Do a Google search for “Korean BBQ near me”.

Korean Flank steak Galbi

Type exactly that phrase.

The magical Google machine will show all the Korean BBQ spots within walking and driving distance of your location.

Look at the results and the reviews too.

Pick one and take a trip there.

After you try Korean in a week or two do the same Google search but type “Hibachi”.

Chicken Teriyaki Bento Ichiban Sushi

So put “Hibachi near me”.

This will be fun too.

Maybe even more fun.

Authentic Japanese hibachi joints will cook the food right in front of you.

The flames will be everywhere and the cooking will be fast paced.

It’s very fun to watch and the resulting food will be delicious.

Finally wait two more weeks and look for a Thai restaurant near you.

BUT don’t go there, just order the food to your house.

Get some “Pad Thai Noodles”, and ask if they have any type of garlic chicken kabobs.

Pad thai Noodle on Plate Overhead

After you enjoy this Thai take out, congratulate yourself.

Because you have just enjoyed our favorite Asian cuisines in order.

This is the order in which, we think you will most enjoy the foods.

You have to take some baby steps, and get introduced to it.

And you will notice some considerable differences too.

Of course if you do not want to take a bunch of trips and wait an entire month to sample the tastes of Asia.

Then of course there is always another option.

Just read our collection of 200 Asian Recipes from all of these countries plus more!

Browse the Easy Asian Cookbook and discover 200 Asian recipes.

We really recommend you go to the restaurants and take in the experiences, but either way, you will enjoy the outcome.


200 Asian Dishes from all over the world are just one click away and 500+ pages of recipes, but do not be scared everything is easy:




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