Let’s talk about cheap foods.

We don’t like using the word “cheap” because it has a negative connotation.

But it gets the point across.

Locally, 1 bag of this amazing food, only costs $1.49.

For $1.49 you can have an infinite number of unique tasting meals.

And all your options with be healthy as well.

So have we hyped this food up enough?

Let keep hyping it.

Not only is this food cheap ($1.49) and healthy.

It makes a great dish for babies too (when mashed up).

Can you guess the food?

It’s a legume.

It comes in two colors: greenish and red.

Maybe you know what we are thinking.







That’s right.

Good ‘ole lentils.

These little legumes can go a long way for $1.49.

Trust us.

A bag of lentils can easily fill a large soup pan.

And when you split that pan up into servings.

It will last.

A long time.

Follow our easy directions, and you will create an infinite number of unique tasting lentil dishes.

For only $1.49.

Some of our favorite styles of lentils are Moroccan, Indian, German, and Hungarian.


Peruse 50 Delicious Styles of Lentils in our Easy Lentil Cookbook.


And learn what $1.49 can actually do:




Happy Savings,
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