There’s a cool secret to buying cookware.

That no one knows.

This secret will save you tons of shekels when it comes to buying good cookware.

Are you ready for it?

The secret is: Go to thrift stores.

We’re serious.

Take a trip to your local thrift store, and go with one purpose.

To find a deal on good cookware.

No one thinks to check a thrift store for pots and pans.

Everyone rushes to the department store, or goes online.

But this creates an opportunity for those who want a good deal.

Look for cast iron frying pans, woks, or any cookware made from copper.

If you find any of these, guess what?

You just struck cooking gold!

Any cast iron pan in a thrift store is super old and has been cooked with 100s of times.

Cooking Mushrooms in a Cast Iron Skillet

After cleaning the pan and cooking with it.

You’ll be surprised at how good simple stir fried foods will taste in it.

So why do we mention this?

Why must you go on a cookware adventure?

Because, once you have a wok or good cast iron pan you can start stir frying!


Browse these 50 Unique Stir Frying Recipes, and put your wok to work:


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