So a few days we were chatting about the best cooking shows that need to be watched on a regular basis.

The shows were ranked by the amount of cooking knowledge they deliver and how entertaining each show is.

But in our opinion the most educational show, and the most entertaining show, by far is:

Good Eats.

Alton Brown, the creator of the show, is one of our favorite cooks.

He started Good Eats, by himself, and produced it, by himself also.

If you have not watched Good Eats.

You absolutely need to.

Alton Brown taught us one thing.

And this single thing really changed our opinion on cooking and opened our eyes to a whole new world.

Alton taught us that cooking is a science!

Have you ever realized no cooking show talks about the underlying science to cooking?

That is why we love Good Eats so much.

After every episode you walk away knowing so much.

For example, Alton taught us a lot about vegetables.

Particularly, mashed potatoes and how to easily cook your own version of mashed potatoes is.

The key to cooking delicious mashed potatoes is in the mashing part.

After you finish boiling your potatoes, you have to mash them.

But you must try to keep them slightly chunking for a real rustic feel.

Adding simple ingredients like chives, paprika, sour cream, and garlic helps to create unique tastes very easily.


Browse some of our Mash Potato creations in our Easy Mashed Potatoes Cookbook:


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