The other day we learn this cool word that needs to be shared.

Because the word may be novel to you as well.

The word is: “gastronomy” and “gastronome”.

Gastronomy is the art and science of good cooking.

And a gastronome is what we are.

Gastronomes are connoisseurs of good food.

To be honest we’ve seen this word gastronomy many times in doing research over here at BookSumo but we never took the time to look it up.

It comes from the ancient Greek word gastér which means stomach.

Its interesting that when you look up the origin of words so many of them are from ancient Greece.

In all honesty you should take pride in begin a gastronome.

Begin someone, who reads about food, tastes different food, and prepares food.

Its a real service to the people around you.

Because you are putting in the effort to determine what tastes good so you can ultimtely share it with others.

And of course by buying the ingereidients to cook different meals you are supporting the ecocnomy too.

But, it is important that you take your existence as a gastronome to new heights.

And to do this you need more fodder.

More ammunition.

You need good things to sample and taste.

Things to try out and enjoy and savor.

And the best thing for tasting is:




Appetizers on a Counter


Appetizers are the perfect dish for a gastronome.

They are so simple to make and easy to taste.

You can whip up a new appetizer every day if you wanted.


So in the name of becoming a better gastronome read our Easy Appetizer Cookbook and learn 50 delicious appetizers recipes for true gastronomes:


Hello Gastronomy,
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