It’s time that we introduce you to a classical style of Latin cooking.

What is interesting about this style of cooking is it only requires one pot.

So with only one pot, you can make a full course meal.

These full course, one pot meals, are called paella’s in the Latin world.

And they are classic.

In our opinion there are three main foods that are synonymous with Latin cuisine.

These three food are real Spanish rice and beans, fried bananas, and paellas.

The exact history of the paella is contested, but what we do know is it originated in Spain.

The typical paella is kind of like a rice casserole.

Except it is made mostly on the top of the stove.

There are three main types of paellas.

Classical Paellas
Vegetarian Paellas
Seafood Paellas

Paella Picture 2

This is a normal seafood paella.

Seafood paellas and vegetarian paellas are our favorite.

Because they are easier to cook.

A classical paella will usually include rabbit meat, which is hard to find in the states.

We are hoping that image kind of gets you excited to try cooking one at home.

If you try it at home, you will be creating a full course meal with only one pot, and the resulting paella will give you a great opportunity to take pictures and share them on Facebook.

; )

So now that we understand exactly what a paella is.


It’s time for you to discover 50 delicious paella recipes in our Easy Paella Cookbook, and learn the details of this classical Latin style cooking:


Ferdinand Paella,
BookSumo Press



Make sure you read our recipe for “Classical Paella in Spanish Style”.

This is the most advanced paella you can make and it is modelled after a classical paella you’d find when travelling to Spain.

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