Do us a favor.

Just one small favor.

Don’t be Bigfoot in the kitchen.

We all know who Bigfoot is.

He’s the monster that lives in the woods.

He’s hairy and huge.

Always hungry, always hiding, and always doing the same thing.

He’s always looking for unsuspecting hikers to grab and eat.

You see, nothing changes with Bigfoot.

He stays in the woods.

He hides.

And his game-plan is always the same.

He never adapts with the changing of time and technology.

He never experiments with new predatory strategies, to catch hikers and eat them.

His tactics are always the same:

Hide and wait for a random person, then when the person least expects it, jump out and eat them.

In other words:

Bigfoot is boring.

Don’t be Bigfoot in the kitchen.

Don’t just eat the same things over and over again.

Never trying anything different.

Judging certain foods, because they are from certain places.

Experiment and have fun.

Here’s our recommendation to avoid becoming Bigfoot.

Read this cookbook about Chutney.

Chutney is an Indian side dish.

It looks like this:

Assorted Chutneys


And it’s a versatile sauce used as a topping for rice, a dip for bread, a coating for meat, or a spread for toast.


Chutney can be made from apricots, honey, cilantro, chili peppers, and really anything.


And it will introduce you to something very different.


Read All About Chutney here:


Bigfootin’ Away,

BookSumo Press



Remember the point of chutney is to take normal boring things, like rice, toasted bread, or normal baked chicken.

And apply a layer of this chutney sauce.

The sauces can be made in all different flavors.

Hence your normal dish of baked chicken can made into something complex and great tasting, quite easily.

Discover what we are talking about here:

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