Would you be interested in learning one of our favorite 6 ingredient recipes?

Now, we have a lot of favorites but this is really one of our favorites because this one recipe falls into so many different cooking categories.

Our favorite 6 ingredient recipe is something we call “Ramen Ground Beef”.

Basically all you need is:

  1. a pack of oriental ramen
  2. 1 lb of ground beef
  3. 1 can of diced or stewed tomatoes
  4. 1 can of corn

To make this delicious recipe just fry your beef until it is fully done then add in the packet of flavor from the ramen and stir it in.

Pour in your tomatoes, and the corn then add in the ramen noodles after breaking them into pieces and get everything boiling.

Now just let the noodles cook completely.

And that’s it.

One of our easiest and favorite 6 ingredient recipes (even though its only 4 ingredients).

By learning this one recipe:

You are learning:

  1. a new way to cook ground beef
  2. a new way to cook ramen
  3. a new way to cook corn
  4. a 20 minute meal
  5. a recipe that takes almost no ingredients


Look at all those things you learn and accomplish with just one if our 6 ingredient recipes.


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