There’s this comedy movie called Talladega Nights.

It stars Will Ferrell and he plays an American Nascar driver, named Ricky Bobby, who at one point in time is the top dog in Nascar.

The point of the movie is, Ricky loses everything when a talented French Formula One driver comes on the scene and becomes a worthy opponent.

There’s a funny scene in the movie where the French guy pins Will Ferrell against a pool table.

While strong arming Will Ferrell, the Frenchman threatens to break Ferrell’s arm, unless Will says: “I love crepes”.

Hence implying France’s dominance over America.

There’s this running joke throughout the movie about America versus France.

Of course, Will Ferrell does not give in, and the Frenchman offers him a deal.

Instead of saying “I love crepes”.

He allows Ferrell to say: “I love really thin pancakes.”

Of course Will Ferrell still does not give in, and gets his arm snapped in the name of American freedom.

It’s a very funny scene.

We particularly enjoyed the scene because “really thin pancakes” is a great description of crepes.

And the reason crepes are so good is because of the toppings.

A plain crepe means nothing.

It’s all about the toppings.

Our favorite crepe is one topped with bananas and chocolate hazelnut spread.

Of course, there is an infinite combination of crepe toppings you can try.


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If you want a good laugh go to YouTube and type: “Talladega Nights Crepe”.

You can watch a clip of the scene we are referring too.

If you don’t find it funny, let us know:

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