So a little birdie was talking to us the other day.

The “birdie” was telling us that you have been neglecting him.

This birdie, was actually, a really cool cooking show on YouTube.

WE know.

WE know……

You may not care for blogs, and you definitely may not care for YouTube all that much.

But just hear us out on this.

You are missing some great content that people are spending hours and hours to create.

Some people are even dedicating their entire lives in making shows on YouTube.

You are really missing out, if you are not watching stuff on YouTube.

And you have a smartphone right?

There is no better use of a smartphone than to consume YouTube videos.

So let us tell you about this YouTube channel that you absolutely must start watching.

The show is called: “The BBQ Pit Boys”.

These guys know how to grill and it’s almost impossible for us to watch these videos without instantly planning the next meal we can cook on the grill.

Do a search on YouTube for “BBQ Pit Boys”, subscribe and watch the first video.

Trust us you will enjoy it.

And when the summer is here you will need some fodder to get excited and go grilling.

So check out these grilling videos and get motivated.

And if you are feeling really, really, adventurous.

Read one of our first ever cookbooks.

We published these recipes so long ago, we don’t even remember the date.

But they are still one of our most popular.


It’s our Easy Grilling Cookbook, and in it we will show you how easy, grilling vegetables, and meats can be:


Summer Time, All the Time,
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