Have you heard the saying “Netflix and chill”?

It’s a new term that is quite popular amongst “the youth” these days.

Of course, we had to look up the term to understand it.

“Netflix and chill” is an event shared between couples.

It’s a basically when a couple just sits and watches random stuff on Netflix and get “romantic”.

One thing we do admire about the youth is they always come up interesting ways to confuse adults.

So to confuse the youth we have come with our own version.

It’s called “Nutella and Chill”.

“Nutella and chill” is the same concept.

Except we create a dessert using the chocolate hazelnut spread: Nutella.

And we share our desserts with a significant other (or alone if you are single).

For starters, we recommend a recipe we called “Nutella Chow-Chow”.

All you need is some cereal, chocolate chips, and 1/2 a cup of Nutella.

You combine all the ingredients in a bowl, and toss it all together.

Chow-Chow is a great dessert for couples and can be enjoyed by yourself as well.

Check out the Chow-Chow recipe and a bunch more Nutella desserts, in the Easy Nutella Cookbook:


Chill Out,
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