What kind of celebration pays down the national debt?




A tea party.


That joke may not be the funniest but we need to have a serious talk about tea and its history.

This may sound like a boring topic but hear us out on this.

There is this interesting story about the origin of tea.

It starts back in ancient China (like most things).

There was this Chinese emperor.

He was sitting under a tree with one of his servants, and the servant was boiling some water for them to drink.


As the water started boiling, the wind started to blow and some leaves from the tree blew into the boiling water accidentally.


Rather than getting a new pot of water the emperor tasted the resulting boiling water and enjoyed it.

This was how the idea of tea was formed.

And this about 2700 years BEFORE Christ (BC).

Which is a loooong time ago.

Tea has been around for ages and now is a good time for you get introduced to the idea of drinking tea.

It’s an easy way to boost your health and immune system, and it’s better for you than coffee.


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You know the history, now discover out the different styles of tea.

See which you like the most.

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