We all need deals sometimes and we all love inexpensive and useful products.

When you are bored try doing this for a change of pace.

Pick a small amount of money, like $15 dollars or $30 dollars.

Some disposable amount of money you can waste and go on Amazon and look for deals.

Keep searching for cool little things that you can actually use and keep looking until you’ve made a list of products that equal the amount of money you set before.

Now, should not do this often,

But every 4 months or so is fine.

But you should always pick a small amount of money that you would just otherwise spend on take-out food or going out with friends or family on the weekend.

So we thought it would be fun to share some of our cheap finds with you.

Maybe you might be interested in grabbing one or two things from this list.

Everything is under $10 dollars.

Do a search for the name on amazon to find them.

Find 1: Amco Rub Away Bar ($8.56)


The cool thing about this is:

Water is no longer needed to remove smells from your hands.

Just rub this bar and let science do the rest!

Find 2: Kai USA AB5071 Pure Komachi 2 Nakiri Knife, 5-3/8-Inch ($8.99)


We love knifes with covers here at BookSumo.

This Japanese nakiri knife is made for cutting vegetables really fast.

And knives with covers last longer.

Find 3: Kitchen Active Spiralizer, Black ($9.97)


This is a baby spiralizer to dip your toe in the pool of preparing ribbon styled veggies.

Buy this little introductory spiralizer and try your hand at a simple spiralized zucchini stir fry.

All you need is some lemon pepper, butter, spiralized zucchini and this cookbook right here.


Our Easy Spiralizer Cookbook:




Enjoy the Deals,

BookSumo Press

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