“Yogurt-Town” is a word for describing anytime you eat a yogurt or parfait for lunch.

So the next time you are sitting and enjoying some yogurt or a parfait.

Remember that is Yogurt-Town.

Yogurt-Town is best experienced with others.

But it can be enjoyable by yourself as well.

Yogurt-Town (yogurt for lunch) may seem boring, but when you use yogurt as a base and layer ingredients over it.

You’ll be creating a parfait.

And parfaits for lunch are not boring.

And some parfait recipes have special unintended benefits.

For example, on days when you are feeling lazy, or days when you know there is a lot of work to be done, you should try a focus parfait.

To make a focus parfait.

All you need is a container of cottage cheese, or unsweetened yogurt, some sugar, instant coffe, and fruit or almonds.

Combine the cottage cheese, with some sugar, instant coffee, almonds, and fruit.

Divide everything 4 ways.

And eat one serving.

This is our focus parfait recipe.

Each serving will be less than 300 calories, give you a ton of protein, and a bunch of energy and focus!

Focus parfaits really help when there is a ton of work or chores to get done before the day’s end.

You should try it.


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