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The Best Movie About Food EVER!!!!

There’s this movie by John Favreau called Chef. If you have never seen it. Go and watch it. Watch it tonight. It’s really worth it. We are not sure if it’s on Netflix and if it isn’t we would not … read more

The Martha Stewart Story You Were Never Told

You know who Martha Stewart is right? She is a renaissance lady of sorts. Very successful in a bunch of things. Like homemaking, cooking, and publishing. But we are sure you knew all of this. And we are also sure … read more

Sleepless in Seattle

So there is this movie called Sleepless in Seattle. Have you heard of it? It is a romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks. There are three reasons, we think you should watch this movie. If you have not already. 1. It … read more

Recipes from the Backroads

Do you like nature? Have you ever driven or walked along some backroads? Here at BookSumo we are always shocked by the number of people who’ve never taken a hike. Please stay with us here. There is a point to … read more

It’s All Greek to Us

Do you want to hear a story about why Greek cuisine holds a special place in our heart? We hope so. The reason is a place called: Pita Pit. Pita Pit, is a gyro franchise that focuses on preparing delicious … read more

Stop Making These Mistakes in the Kitchen

Would you be interested in learning some cooking mistakes that everyone makes? We’ve been researching these for a while. And we want to share some of them with you. And if you learn them they will be very valuable to … read more

Towards a Greater Understanding of Flavor

Would you like to learn some of our findings on flavor? We were reviewing this cookbook by America’s Test Kitchen. The book is called: The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook. It’s a great book and the introduction is very valuable. The book... read more

Dealing with All Your Cooking Misconceptions

There are so many misconceptions in cooking that sometimes it’s amazing. An entire book could be published about cooking myths and debunking them. But for now, let’s just discuss a few simple myths that you probably believe. Some may be... read more

The Top 10 Chefs and Cooks of All TIME!

Watch these chefs and read their books. They are our Top 10. Your cooking knowledge will increase tenfold: Alton Brown Anthony Bourdain Martin Yan Lidia Bastianich Jacques Pépin Joan Roca i Fontané Emeril Lagasse Julia Child Wolfgang Puck Gordon James... read more

3 Kitchen Tools Under $10.00 on Amazon

We all need deals sometimes and we all love inexpensive and useful products. When you are bored try doing this for a change of pace. Pick a small amount of money, like $15 dollars or $30 dollars. Some disposable amount … read more

Something That Can Replace Fries Completely

What can be better than French fries? Or shall we say “Freedom Fries”. Remember the “Freedom Fries” phase? Of course no one understands the exact reason we were saying “Freedom Fries” all across America. But now that the era of... read more

A New Netflix and Chill for Grown Ups

Have you heard the saying “Netflix and chill”? It’s a new term that is quite popular amongst “the youth” these days. Of course, we had to look up the term to understand it. “Netflix and chill” is an event shared... read more

How to Taste All of Asia Locally

What is your favorite type of Asian food? The choices are: Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Korean? We’re pretty sure you have tried Chinese, but we are not so sure about the others. If you have not tried the others we … read more

In Defense of Mexican Food

What do you think about Mexican food? Now, we’re not talking about Taco Bell. We are talking about the real stuff. The slowly baked burritos of shredded seasoned chicken topped with a special tomato sauce and melted cheeses. What do... read more

Spring Rolls are Oriental Elegance

We have a question that we need you to ponder and think about. Are you ready to think about something for us? Here is the question: Come up with something in your mind that can be classified as “elegant”. Anything … read more

Are You Bigfoot in the Kitchen?

Do us a favor. Just one small favor. Don’t be Bigfoot in the kitchen. We all know who Bigfoot is. He’s the monster that lives in the woods. He’s hairy and huge. Always hungry, always hiding, and always doing the... read more

How to Feed a Family with $1.49.

Let’s talk about cheap foods. We don’t like using the word “cheap” because it has a negative connotation. But it gets the point across. Locally, 1 bag of this amazing food, only costs $1.49. For $1.49 you can have an... read more

The Hipster Younger Cousin of Hot Sauce

Why did the girl, ask the waiter, to add some hot sauce to her enchilada? Because, she wanted to spice up her life! Did you laugh at that joke? To be honest, we have so many of these corny jokes … read more

How to Make Delicious Hawaiian Food at Home

Have you even been to the tropics? Now when we say “tropics” we are talking about Hawaii. Did you know that Hawaii is ranked as one of the most expensive places to live? But it makes sense when you think … read more

The Simplest and Most Delicious Pesto Recipe

Doesn’t that look delicious? Here is how to make the sauce. You will need the following ingredients: 1/4 C. almonds 3 cloves garlic 1 1/2 C. fresh basil leaves 1/2 C. olive oil 1 pinch ground nutmeg salt and pepper... read more

Why Bread Machines Matter

Do you have a bread machine? Do you want to know why having one is important? First, if you do not have a bread machine. Get one! They aren’t too expensive. You can find a cheap one on Amazon for … read more

Why We Love Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain is a chef and host of the show: “No Reservations”. It’s a travel show where he eats food from different places. Bourdain is also one of the top 10 chefs EVER in our opinion. Do you want to … read more

How to Buy Good Cookware Very Cheaply

There’s a cool secret to buying cookware. That no one knows. This secret will save you tons of shekels when it comes to buying good cookware. Are you ready for it? The secret is: Go to thrift stores. We’re... read more

Italian Antiquity

What do you call a fake noodle? …. … An “Impasta”! We know… This isn’t the funnyest joke in the world. But it is at least somewhat creative and it got us thinking about pasta and Italian cuisine in... read more

Whacky Crazy Ways To Cook Faster

Are you interested in 5 simple ways to cook faster? Remember these rules and shave 10 minutes from every recipe. Ok. Let’s discuss. First, understand that the smaller something is the faster it will cook. So to prepare vegetables... read more

Why You Should Love Caribbean Foods

So what do you think about food from the Islands? When we say “Islands” we are referring to places like Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad, and the Bahamas etc. Well, if you have not had the experience of travelling to the Caribbean … read more

Are You Heading Down to Yogurt-Town?

“Yogurt-Town” is a word for describing anytime you eat a yogurt or parfait for lunch. So the next time you are sitting and enjoying some yogurt or a parfait. Remember that is Yogurt-Town. Yogurt-Town is best experienced with others. But... read more

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